Most people you speak to would probably say gambling as a full-time career isn’t a practical aim. However, a good number of people have made a career out of gambling. Perhaps one of the most high-profile among them is Dan Bilzerian. He has ventures going, but he is predominantly called a career gambler. Matthew Benham, the owner of Midtjylland FC and Brentford FC.

You need to properly weigh the pros and cons associated with the field before you begin imagining what your life would be like if you’re a career gambler.

The significance of being a career gambler

The pros of being a career gambler

You’ll have time for other activities. Do you want more time with the family? Do you need to spend more time? Becoming a career gambler will free you from the shackles of the 9-5. You can become a star. Maybe not as popular as A-list stars but word gets around fast thanks to social media. It only takes one huge win to make you quite famous. You may develop mental resilience. This could help you massively and will come in handy if you begin a business. You can make new connections. The table can be one of the best places to run into high profile people. How your life can improve is your decision. You can travel the world. For example, with poker, competitions happen all over the globe. This offers you the opportunity to generate money whilst many people that are traveling the world would give anything for. You’re able to secure the financial future of your loved ones. Big winnings can indicate you have enough cash for your lifetime and to help out those around you.

You will notice in the pros and cons that starting a career as a pro gambler is about balancing risk and reward. You will need to be able to comprehend odds and make decisions that are good. If you believe you have the discipline and are hell bent on making gaming your job, here are some things you will need to know.

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Gambling isn’t purely about luck

You may need more than luck to excel at gambling. The top gamblers play strategically. This increases their chances of achieving success. This explains why many gamblers stay calm in the middle of a losing streak, as they know that they can return if they stick to their strategy, whatever they’ve lost. They believe in what they’re currently doing and handle their bankroll in such a way that they’re in control.

You want to embrace games which require more skill

While playing cellular bingo and other games in online casinos is a great way to get your feet wet, you will need to play games that require skill. Poker and sports betting are two of the greatest arenas. So many successful gamblers focus on poker for example there is a reason. The odds are not stacked against them as they are in a number of games. The opportunity of success is higher because it’s your ability relative to your opponents that dictates your results at the day’s end. Being against other players instead of the casino increases your odds of being a successful career gambler. You can choose who you play against. If there is a table full of strong players, it is possible to get a simpler table. Bear this in mind. It’s all about having a border.

Do not gamble without a predetermined plan

You always need to be aware of what your goal for any session that is gambling is before you embark on it. At what stage would you give up? At what point do you take? These questions must form part of your strategy.

Don’t go on a revenge gambling session

Revenge gambling means chasing your losses. Doing this means abandoning your strategy and throwing caution to the wind. Typically, it ends in tragedy. It may be best to re-evaluate your position on creating a career out of gambling, if you have dreams of getting an accidental millionaire.

Do not leave your comfort zone

During your gambling career, you’ll find out that you achieve the most success in games. It might not be poker. It could be betting on cricket or horse racing. The key is to make sure that you never venture out of this comfort zone except to learn about new locations. If you are proficient in horse racing, football and poker betting stick with them; you will achieve more success. If you try something else with simulated activities (not with real money) and back test your plan and find you have an edge there too, then gradually incorporate it into your portfolio of activities. The games you’ve got the most skill in, are those.

Avoid overexcitement

It’s great that you have made a few thousand pounds. You can lose all should you allow over excitement to creep in, you’ve made and more. This applies both during the game and after the game. You will need to remain grounded to make the decisions that are proper. You need to remain grounded after the game to avoid mental patterns that will put you under pressure in your next game (thinking about earning payment for a brand new car with another lot of winnings). Always gamble with your head and not your heart.

It can be rewarding if you are level headed and choose a long-term plan that gives you an edge, although a career in gambling is hard and fraught with many risks.