Anyone who loves to put a few bets on the weekend has dreamed of turning their hobby into a full time occupation.

Even more turning into making millions of dollars or even billions of dollars. For many people, this dream has become a reality and we would like to tell you all about them.

Over ten articles, we’re compiling a list of ten people who got seriously rich from sports!

Bloom is the owner of EPL side Brighton FC.

Arguably the UK’s most notorious sports bettor, Tony Bloom, is the owner of Star lizard, a company that describes itself as a consultancy in gambling.

Star lizard is the sole adviser for the gambling syndicate every weekend, who has # 1 million of Bloom.

This makes star lizards the biggest betting syndicate in Britain and it’s believed they make roughly #100 million a year, but that would be an ordinary year.

Matthew Benham

Although Matthew Benham has stated he dislikes the comparison between himself and the movie ‘Money-ball’, let’s be honest, he’s about as close as it gets!

Benham’s footballing beliefs revolve around philosophy, statistics and KPI’s.

A Bill Benter Source: Bill Benter

In the mid-1980’s, an algorithm to beat on Hong Kong Horse Racing was made by Benter, and over thirty years later, Bill has amassed nearly $1 US billion.

For a sport which can create hundreds and thousands of variables per race, from what a horse ate for breakfast to jockey’s falling off, his success is phenomenal.

Edward Thorp. Source: Mark Booster Los Angeles Times.

Although he does not fit the subject of a sports bettor, it would be impolite not to include betting pioneers in our post collection.

Edward Thorp was made famous through his publication beating the dealer and since a casino tried to kill him!

Thorp brought the occurrence of card making it, selling over 700,000 copies and counting to light when his book was released in 1962.

Walter’s heading into court. Source: Bloomberg.

Billy Walters has been clarified by odds-makers in Nevada the feared and most dangerous sports bettor on earth, as a Great White Shark.

Walters amassed hundreds of millions of dollars in sports betting profits, mostly on American Football and Basketball.

His story hasn’t ended well though, as he sits in prison after being found guilty of insider trading.

Zeljko spotted! Source: News Limited.

Zeljko Ranogajec is one of the most successful sports bettors accruing his billionaire status through horse racing, casinos and Keno jackpots.

The funny thing is, most people have never heard of ‘The Joker’, who resides in numerous countries, owning an apartment on One Hyde Park, London, where an apartment once sold for a world record sum of over
US$170 million.

Zeljko not only turns over $1 billion annually but he has also sent a betting exchange bankrupt!

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